What Are Some Best Packaging And Shipping Supplies

What Are Some Best Packaging And Shipping Supplies?

When it comes to packaging, it’s not just about making your products look great; You also need to keep them secure during the whole transport. More than 80{1108855a2b7dba7ffea8966d051a01c1c17846094fdee829cc837f7d9c5c3e34} of customer returns in e-commerce are due to defective or damaged products. It’s incredible how many returns can be avoided with proper packaging.

Your items need adequate protection to reduce unnecessary and avoidable consumer returns. So what are the idealĀ Packaging and Shipping Supplies Online? Let’s take a look at the best eco-friendly shipping options for products around the world.

1. Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap has been a common choice. It has a foldable air mattress that provides a respectable level of protection. However, if the bubbles burst, the packaging is useless. Although bubble wrap comes in various shapes and sizes, it’s still plastic, making it less environmentally friendly than paper-based packagings like cardboard or laminated packaging. The fact that bubble wrap is a bit expensive compared to more environmentally friendly alternatives is another factor in its declining popularity.

2. Foam Packing:

It is best to ship valuable or fragile items with custom foam inserts, significantly if they are oddly shaped. Your products will be protected by specially formulated foam packaging, securing the items inside your shipment and preventing them from shifting or damaging. Its lightweight, which minimizes transport costs, makes it an excellent choice for valuable products that require luxurious handling. It should only be used sparingly, as it is not easily recyclable or biodegradable.

3. Paper Packing:

Paper packaging is one of the most widely used shipping packaging materials with many advantages. FSC-certified paper is affordable, sustainable, and an obvious choice for businesses in the retail and e-commerce sectors. Because it’s compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable, it’s easy for your consumers to dispose of it properly. Wrapping paper can protect fragile products from transportation damage when used for filler packaging. Although it can be used for various things, consider a custom solution that includes foam packaging for even the most fragile items.


So if you have a startup or a big brand that includes many products, look for quality Packing and Shipping Supplies Online. Today, custom packing and shipping supplies are also in trend, especially among cosmetic brands, skincare products, handmade soap companies, food packing brands, etc. The more attractive packing is with excellent quality to keep the product safe until it reaches the costumer’s hand, will not mark impression.