Improving Construction Site Safety to Keep Equipment and Machinery Safe

There are a few good reasons why you should look to continuously assess and improve construction site safety. Alongside the obvious need to keep contractors, suppliers, and passers-by safe from harm and potential hazards and accidents, there is also a requirement to ensure that the safety and equipment and machinery is near the list of your priorities. If you are using a plant hire company to furnish your project with machinery, you need to ensure that it is kept safe at all times before it is returned.

Let’s split the two ideas to discuss further:

1. Safety of people on site

Construction sites can be dangerous places with plenty of hazards present at any given moment. This is why it is important that you have a clear plan of action to maintain high levels of health and safety at all times during a project. Keeping people safe is paramount, and with the help of a plant hire specialist you can do this.

Alongside regular safety training, hazard assessments, and the provision of PPE, plant hire services can help you to increase safety standards on site. This is achieved through the use of the latest models of equipment and machinery. Safety improves with every new model, so the evolution of fleet available through a good plant hire company will always be of the highest quality in terms of safety levels. Routine, thorough inspection and maintenance between hires also ensures that the risk of operational failure and potential accidents is minimised.

2. Safety of equipment on site

Whether you have hired machinery and equipment or purchased it, you will need to have a plan in place to keep them safe at all times. Deterring potential thieves is a vital part of planning any construction site and project, especially if it is not a site that is active 24 hours a day. Criminals know that there are expensive items on site, so you need to be prepared to minimise this threat.

This can be achieved with a high level of security. Security on a construction site can take the form of motion sensor lighting, or permanent lighting around the perimeter and potential vulnerable areas of a site that could be entered unlawfully. Alongside this there should be alarm systems and CCTV that provide sufficient warning and cover.

With the best plant hire companies there is also the provision of extra levels of security with the plant itself, including precise GPS tracking devices that ensure that you know exactly where every piece of machinery and equipment is at all times. In the worst-case scenario it can be tracked efficiently. A plant hire depot near your location also provides less chance for damage or theft to take place during the delivery process of your plant hire.

Plant hire services can have a massive impact on how you plan to keep your site safe and how to maintain high levels of security and safety for your machinery and equipment over the course of a project.