Encoders – How important they are for Technological Developments

There is no denial over the fact that encoders are changing the field of technology to a great extent. Encoders are nothing but a sensing device that provides feedback. Encoders works by converting motion to electrical signal which is the decoded and read by some type of control device in a motion control system. Usually, a counter or PLC does this kind of reading. The encoder then sends a feedback signal which is used to determine count, speed, position as well as direction. This information is used by a control device to send in the information.

Highly efficient and irreplaceable in various spheres

The motion sensors are highly effective and operate everything seamlessly. In that of an observatory, the encoders tell actuators the exact position a moveable mirror is in by way of providing positioning feedback. In that of a cut-to-length application, it measures wheel and sends feedback to the control device how much material has been fed and this helps the control device know when to cut. The feedback from the encoder is known to activate a print head to develop a mark at a specific location and this is so with regard to printing machines. Likewise, the importance of encoders is quite huge and happens to be the very foundation on which many applications carry out their functions seamlessly.


The function of the encoder is the same in all the machines. A count is generated by the encoder and sent to the controller which will then send a signal to the machine to perform a specific function. Encoders are used in a wide range of applications and this includes cut-to-length applications, plotters, robotics, packaging, conveying, automation, sorting, filling, imaging, and many other such things. It has shaped the entire technological space and has helped it move in the more powerful direction. A lot of new advancements and developments in the field of encoders is further enhancing its operation and functionality thereby rendering the best outcome at every level. It is turning out to be a highly relevant and most sought after technology leading way to new products and solutions to various requirements.